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Zack is a creative who does motion design and illustration. His passion for design hungers him for more crazy ideas to help translate it to client base works. Not only with an eye for detail, but also stunning aesthetic content with substance and expressive concept.

Aside from the colourful projects, he would free himself into his zone of questioning the world and would create visuals after a good read or findings which drives him to create more diverse portfolio to ease his work life and hungry passion. 

Feel free to contact if you have any thoughts for projects or collaboration or anything!


Carbon : Designer
Motorway Group: Freelance Motion Designer / Editor
Stardust Imaging: Freelance Motion Designer
Phase Studio: Freelance Art Director
Cum M+D: Freelance Designer
Trix Corp: Freelance Motion Designer
National Art Council: Commission Artist/Designer
Critica: Freelance Motion Designer
Oh! Boy Pictures: Freelance Motion Designer


Creative Talk in Asia Vol.1 & Vol.2: Featured Designer (Published by CTA亞洲創意對話)
Ink-The Art of Tattoo Book 2016: Featured Artist (Published by VICTIONARY)
PromaxBDA Asia 2015: Best Movie Promo (Produced with Carbon)
Noise Singapore: Featured Artist 2010-2014
Crowbar 4As 2013: Silver Award in Advertising
Crowbar 4As 2013: Silver Award in Animation
Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2013: Semi Finalist
Faber Castell Art Competition 2012: Finalist
Lee Kuan Yew Student Award 2009: Nominee