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EXPLORE! — Tung Ping Chau / HK


We've been planning this trip to Tung Ping Chau for quite sometime because our schedule and timing was quite rush and tight. We also look for other alternative wilderness places to go to, but man.. Tung Ping Chau is just the charm.

Had quick breakfast and off to the ferry terminal. The ride was almost 1hr/30mins. Plesant journey, interesting sight can be seen if you don't feel seasick, because I did.

Tung Ping Chau is one of the most memorable places I've explored in Hong Kong to date. Though the island is small, being able to walk and hike about is just perfect for the eyes. The island has less people as there are limited timing for the ferry. Early rise is worth this beauty for sure. The day was great, weather is smokey hot, air cleared, less people and of course great company.


When we got off the ferry, no time is wasted, head off to hike around the island.

The air is fresh, sky is clear, water is clear, everything clean and clear!


Looking up is just natural thing for me to do, I have no idea why I am so fond with clouds. But its very fascinating for me to just stare into different kind of forms.


The stone structure is kinda unique, like layers of cakes.

This is the spot where we had a little picnic. Super hot, so we had to walk and find a place with constant wind, shade, and some water that we could rinse in.

We "hea" around here for quite sometime, the view is really nice, peaceful and calm. We even napped for a while here.


As the day coming to an end, we slowly make our way back to the pier. Most of the villages store were closed, remembering that we were very hungry. 

It was a tired day, but definitely for me I'll fallen in love with this island. 

The sunsets, we slept on the ferry back.