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Chinese Opera — Pulau Ubin / SG


Intro —


The Chinese Opera is held annually in Pulau Ubin somewhere near the Vesak Day period. This is one of the most traditional stage and people there are extremely friendly and welcoming.
As a Singaporean, this is the first time I visited the Chinese Opera backstage, I must say it is quite an experience to see how much effort and time these passionate people put into. 


Challenge —

In this series, I took most of the pictures with my mind set for cinematic look. Normally I would take Black and White for the look and contrast, but hey this is really something that cannot be missed by the colours.
There were quite a group of photographers around the backstage. The challenge was to how to hide them in my frame using 56mm (85mm equivalent).


The mood —

I guess I am really drawn into the lighting. Very simple and natural spotlight that shines harshly on them. Their expression are perfect, very focus on the preparation. Surrounding arrangement just adds up and build the mood.


around the stage —

Little things that brighten up the scenes.


the composer —

This guy is amazing, he can literally play all instruments! 


Finale —

Unfortunately I didn't stay till the end, time was running, stomach were shouting. I left shortly after the opera started but managed to grab a few stills. Looking forward to next year, if I'm still around.


Oh and this is actually one of my favourite picture —