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Hoi An the Romantic City / VN

Second destination, was Hoi An. A city not far away from Da Nang that should never be missed. Sure it is touristic, but walking around the town at night is kinda romantic. Bright beautiful lanterns are displayed and the even have ambience music to go with the mood.


Yellow buildings can be seen almost everywhere. Some sell local food along the roads, and most are are chilling.

Tri-shaw dudes are everywhere. Did not try, but they are friendly enough for me to take photos of them.


Night time is where the place transformed into Wong Kar Wai’s film scene. Along the streets, in the alleys, bridge and everywhere has lanterns that come to life.


Though black and white isn’t the brightest idea to use at a town here. But one gotta finish one’s roll.


Probably my happiest photo. After taking it, I realize she didn’t want to get her photo taken, not “hello”.